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The work of artist Andrew Hutchison is primarily dedicated to the idea of
Canadian-ness.  Exploring among and playing on the Canadian social and historical narrative. The iconography and archetypes of the North, within their ideas and ideals are used (and sometimes, admittedly, abused) to open up and into what the artist would like to call a
of our unique historical and cultural identity.

Often through a contemporary cheekiness of sorts, and the use of satirical device ideas are found in the midst of the "Canadian Identity" itself, that serve to aid in the allowance of our short but monumental history and story to be
re-contextualized, re-accessed, and re-invigorated.

Elements of the musealogical and sentiments found in the stream of a kind of contemporary closet of the curiosities (in truest historic sense) are explored through popular culture, narrative, slang, kitsch, culture, modernity, mythology, history, satire, nostalgia, humour and hopefully, some wit.  Designed to free an examination of our symbols, icons, characters and indeed, the
Character of Canada itself, through a subjective non-fictional approach to the context of the post-modern.

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