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Coming Real Soon

All images Copyright © Andrew R. Hutchison 2000 - 2014

All the big museums, institutions, and galleries I've ever been in, have had a gift shop. Some places spell it shoppe to be a bit more classy I guess, others simply; store. A lot go with; gallery shop. That's the favourite I'd say.
There's this or that, but they are all really just kinda the same.

I understand. It's kind of fun to go in the shoppe.
And, as for them, Who doesn't like making a quick and easy and maybe quietly greedy buck here and there.
It's even weirder when these places have you exit through the shoppe right at the end of the show. You are directed, well forced really, to end of your visit exiting through the gift shop. Wow, It's a set-up.

I admit, it's a smart plan on their part.
Yes, cheeky and maybe even a little tacky sure, but please note it's fun and nice get a piece of something you say. There is often some cool stuff and interesting bits. And you know, there's some junk to. But to each their own. There is something for everyone and all tastes really. I once bought an inflatable Edvard Munch Scream Doll in the Museum of Modern Art in New York's Gallery Shop and a Pencil Eraser in the shape of Michelangelo's Birth of Adam in the Vatican Gift Shoppe. (I'll let you figure out which category you think they fit). I always go for a look and I've bought my fare share of art gallery stuff in my time. I like it. What can I say. I think we all kind of like it. Picasso once said "good taste is the enemy of creativity" and I know he said it because I have a T-shirt with it printed on that I bought at the Picasso Museum in Paris. I have a couple of Andy Warhol t-shirts too, and the Salvador Dali coasters, the Picasso mug, the Mona Lisa mouse pad, the cheap posters and all the books.
Some, and maybe even most were impulse buys, which I like the best. And they know it.
That's how they get yah. But somehow, I still like it.

Well now, we here are not able to coral and force you through the gift shoppe, to exit like the major places do,
but this particular gallery will be no different in our attempt to get you to buy something. If they can do it, why can't I.

Maybe you're thinking,
I don't really need whatever, but then you could think you kinda want it something, you know not to expensive or anything, and maybe just then you can't live without it. We got it for you.

The merchandise is of course slightly over priced like all Gallery shops, we'll admit it,
but each piece is a fine deal trust us, and all merchandise is, daringly we say quite unique and fun for any and all.

So take a look on your way out. Maybe you'll find something you like, you never know!
Because that's apparently how these gallery shops things are suppose to work. So go with it.