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An interest in art started early for
Andrew R. Hutchison, who was born in beautiful Toronto, Canada in the late 70's. His parents brought home an easel for him by the time he was 3. He attended Claude Watson School for the Arts youth classes, as well as many other camps and lessons at the Art Gallery of Ontario and others growing up. Having graduated High School from George S. Henry Academy he went on to simultaneously attend the University of Toronto, where he studied Fine Art and Art History, and the Sheridan College Fine Arts Studio Program.  Later enrolling at the Ontario College of Art for further study, and completed his thesis work at OCAD University.

His images can be found in art collections around the world.  Owned both publicly and privately and held by a range of individuals, Corporations and Institutions.  Including the collection of the Province of Ontario, Government of Canada, the City of Toronto, University of Toronto, Ontario Collage of Art and Design, The Kodak Corporation, and The United Way and so on.  Hutchison's pictures have also appeared in several well known publications and televised programs in Canada, including The Toronto Star, Eye Weekly and on the CBC. His art has been seen in numerous galleries and shows throughout Canada, as well as the eastern United States and his pictures have notably garnered over $30,000 in charitable funds at auction in 2010-2011.

"Hutch" studied, travelled and lived widely, spending considerable time in numerous cities around the world including London, Paris, Amsterdam, Florence, Rome, Berlin, Vienna, Budapest, and Zurich amongst others.  As well as extensive travel in his amazing home country of Canada.

Andrew Hutchison delved into several, some might say, rather bizarre (while others could be kind and say unique) adventurous paths prior to his professional artistic career. Including working for a time as a door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesmen, a jet ski test driver, a construction manager building mcMansions. He designed B-movie posters, played semi-professional hockey, was for a time a carpenter constructing movie sets for film and television, once even raising chickens and ducks, painted mirrors at a mirror factory, and worked as a labourer at several archeological digs, and at least a few more odds and ends, of which, one would dare not mention here. Trust us, It ain't always easy being a starving artist.

 Most importantly, arguably, in his development as an artist had been the time he spent in his twenties working as an Art Teacher at the McMicheal Canadian Art Gallery in Kleinburg, Ontario.  Having access to the Historic Tom Thomson Shack on the grounds of the gallery, Hutchison would spend many important hours inside the famed inspiring shack working and contemplating what the responsibility of the Artist was (one man's opinion) and the world of Canadian Art and what it did, might, could, should and would hold.  And in those long hours and short years, he might just have absorbed a little of that Thomson spirit left over in that shack.  Or at least it might be nice to think so anyhow.

"….Growing up I was interested in becoming something serious and intriguing you know, laughably I can remember I wanted to be a Sasquatch Hunter I had thought at one point, something difficult and unique. Something that would very likely require a huge effort and some talent.  I had no problem with that I had delusionally thought. What would life be without a challenge I figured. But upon eventually finally growing up, if I ever really did, I began to realize why would I want do something that easy. (laughing) I wanted to do something even more challenging with this life. I wanted to do something HARD. Something SERIOUS. Something fun and dangerous you know. Heart breaking and spirit building I think I hoped. So I had to, I think do what I really wanted and needed maybe to always do. I went the romantic route, you know, and became an Artist and then it was love at first sight.... well, it's a certain kind of Love anyhow, for sure, but not always in Love if you can catch my drift. But really the worse part of the job, most of the time, without complaining too much is having to wash all those F#@%ing paint brushes when you're done…."
-Andrew R. Hutchison, 2007
(youthful recollection of why he became an artist)

Andrew Hutchison currently lives and works out of his often quite very messy, but not unkempt Studio at Jarvis and Adelaide in Toronto, Ontario Canada.

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Late 1970s 35mm film footage of Artist Andrew Hutchison at work in the studio.

(by and by, Hutch stated upon seeing this that he felt more than a little embarrassed and self-conscious about this whole kinda thing and would like to apologize to those who ended up reading this long winded, but true, clearly self severing act of ridiculousness. And promised to not allow any future bio-ing like this to go on, any time soon, thank goodness).

All images and video here in Copyright © Andrew R. Hutchison 2000 - 2014