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LOUIS VUITTON Goalie Equipment Collection, 2011
Leather, Fibreglass, Nylon, Layered Graphite, Automotive Paint,
Steel, Foam, Canvas, Cotton, Deer Hair, Screen-printing, etc.
Varying Sizes (Wearable)
C-Prints on Archival Paper,
109cm x 182cm (43" x 72")
Limited Edition of 5

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All images Copyright © Andrew R. Hutchison 2000 - 2014

The Goalie stands out
The Goalie Louis Vuitton Goalie stands out more.
The Louis Vuitton logo connotes a certain boldness, an wire of money, class, and exclusivity.  So does being a goalie, to be honest.
It's expensive too, it's likely one of the most expensive positions you can play in all sports.
You have to be a bit different to pull either off.

This piece was designed to explore the underlying ideas of luxury, class and sport and their imagery found within our popular culture.

Artist Kent Monkman recently played with the Louis Vuitton logo on objects of cultural design as well.
(Pictured Below)

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Louis Vuitton Quiver
© Kent Monkman
In Collection of the Artist.