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Self Portrait
Action Figure
Moulded Plastic Toy figure and components with constructed packaging
10" x 11.50" x 3.75" (25cm x 29cm x 9cm) Packaging Box Dimension
6.75" (17 cm) Tall Figure
First Edition of 1 + 1 A/C

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"Well, what little boy (and the little girls too, likely) don't dream of having their own action figure.  I certainly did.  And I guess still do.  I'm calling mine, my "Self-Portrait Action Figure".  It's sounds a bit vain as I write this out here and I realize, and embarrassingly admit but what self-portrait isn't at least a tiny bit vain.  If I were being totally honest here, I'd admit this is not the most striking, or humble, or particularly honest "selfie" I've ever made, but it is certainly the most fun to play with".

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